Who We Are

Our Mission – To Reach the World for Jesus

Performing GOSPEL MAGIC is a very different and exciting way to visually tell BIBLE TRUTHS to children and adults alike. Our files are full of testimonies from Christian performers all over the world who are reaching people and witnessing to souls of those who have never heard THE WORD OF JESUS CHRIST before. This is the prime mission of our company and our chosen way to help win the souls of the lost!

The Simplicity of our Products

Most everything we make is very easy to do. This is one of our first considerations when we take on the production of a new trick. If you tell us you are new in magic and order something we don’t think you can do, we’ll let you know… Only rarely does someone tell us they can’t do one of our effects. Our instructions are well written and very explanatory.

The Importance of Quality

You will find all of the magic items listed here and in our catalog to be high quality and items you will be proud to present and display. Some of the finest magic books on the market today are produced in our printing plant.

Many of the secular books and tricks that we produce for other dealers are sold annually in such places as Disneyland, Disneyworld, and others. It is gratifying to, almost daily, have someone write in and compliment us on our quality and thank us for making our line of merchandise available to the Gospel worker.