Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



A dream is shared of waiting in line to get into heaven. Suddenly you notice that you have an Invitation, something you accepted years ago. Another person in line, who does not have an invitation, grabs yours and tears it into three parts. Keeping two parts for himself he returns the third part to you. As he reaches the front of the line and hands his invitation to the angel., the pieces are unfolded to reveal the word Hell. The stolen parts of the invitation do not allow him entrance into heaven. As you reach the gate and your paper is unfolded, the angel’s face changes to reveal his true identity… Jesus. He holds up your remaining scrap of paper for all to see as he says, “This invitation is authentic, for it bears the stamp of my name.” He turns the paper around to reveal His name, written in red. This paper tear is not only easy to do, but presents a great lesson on the importance of accepting Jesus’ invitation and inviting others to do likewise. Standard size (7.25 X 11).

There are 12 invitations in each package.