Bank Credit

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


There is nothing better in your show than hearing your audience laugh and this trick is designed to do that.

Do you have everything you want or will you settle for what you need? That is the question you ask when you ask for 2 volunteers to come and assist. No problem getting help as you wave $1000 in front of their eyes ( I even throw in the money).

You will love dealing with this Bank because not only do they meet your needs but there is no interest and better still they ask for NO repayment. By the way. isn't it time you made an appointment? The name of the Bank Manager is JESUS.
What do you get?
2 x collapsible hats.
2 x Wriggly straws with balls attached.
1 x Egg Whisk.
2 Lanyards.
1 Bank sign.
1 Credit sign.
1 Stack of envelopes including the gimmick envelope.
15 x $100.
In addition, I will throw in the 2 "Your Files" gags.