Easter Thinking Cap

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


Routine for Easter Thinking Cap.

Ask for the help from a member of the audience to come and help you. Ask them to think of any famous singer that members of the audience would know and you will attempt to capture their thoughts and draw that singer on your clipboard (fold top sheet over the top of the clipboard and pretend to draw that singer).

Ask them to call out the singer's name and then you show your stick man and explain the circle is the last record they made (If they call out Frank Sinatra, as you reveal your drawing you could start to sing," I drew him my way".

Now you tell them that you are going to draw a simple shape on the next sheet of paper and it could be a cross, circle, square, triangle or wavy lines.( Exaggerate your drawing of a triangle) when they call out Tri Angle, you say, "that was very good for your 1st time doing this BUT I did cheat and already had an extra line on the paper and in fact it was a square (show the square).

Now we are going for the real thing and both of us are going to concentrate very closely. (Bring out your clear bag and put your hand inside spreading the pictures apart as you call out some of them) Ask your helper to put their hand into the bag and take one out, but not to look as they place their hand into the bag. Tell your audience that a professional mentalist.

If they were to read your mind and then put it down on paper would do it in no more than twenty second BUT I am not a professional mentalist just simply mental BUT I am going to try and do it in 10 seconds. Select a member of the audience to count aloud from 10 down to zero on your command. Now you ask your helper to look at the picture they are holding and to try and send that thought to you.( Here you pretend that nothing is coming across and they should try harder).

Sorry, it's not your fault but mine, I did not give you the thought transmitter ( bring out the LED rabbit ears and place them on their head).  OK, we will try again. Nope still nothing coming through but again it's my fault as I did not switch on the transmitter (switch on the LED lights and this should get an audience reaction). Nope, still nothing but that's my fault again as I need to wear my thought transmitter receiver glasses.

Nope, still nothing but again it's my fault as I need to switch it on first. Something is happening, something is coming across now ( now ask your audience member to start to count) YES i think I have it .( quickly do your drawing and finish as they say ZERO). Please for the 1st time let myself and everyone know what picture you took out of the bag.

At this point you ask for your audience's applause and if no one says it, pretend that someone wants to see what you did draw and at this point you turn your clipboard so they can see your picture matches somewhat and now you give a short talk as to what Easter is really about.

What do you get?

1 x clipboard

1 x blank sheet of paper

3 x printed drawings

1 x dried out marker pen

1 clear force bag

2 x assorted laminated pictures (2x6)

1 x 6 duplicate laminated pictures

1 x LED rabbit ears.

1 x LED glasses (color depends on availability)