Jesus is Missing

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


It's official, it is Christmas and Jesus is missing.
We have taken Jesus out of Christmas and replaced Him with an X. Merry Xmas we hear people say. Greeting cards even say Merry Xmas or Season Greetings. Where is Jesus?
With the aid of a 4 piece puzzle we try to put together to find what has gone wrong.
Father Christmas fills our picture but something is missing because there is a gap in the middle. Can you find something or someone to fill the missing piece?
Santa is here again. No Christmas would be complete without Santa and his faithful reindeer Rudolph. You can now complete that picture.
Two tricks for the price of one.
Using the same puzzle for both but with a different middle, you now have a Gospel and a secular trick.

What do you get:
1 Magnetic dry erase board.
4 (5) Piece magnetic jigsaw puzzle.
1 Santa's right arm.
1 Gimmicked Envelope.
1 Glue stick.