Jumbo Brainwave Father Christmas

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


Having shown 4 cards with Father Christmas on, tell your audience how 100 people were asked what they thought the top 4 Christmas gifts would be and tell them that you have a picture of each behind each Father Christmas.
Ask 2 members of your audience to call out any 2 of them. Remove 2 invisibly from the pack and place them on your table. Ask which of those 2 should 1st go back in the pack and then replace the last one.
One of these 2 cards is reversed. before you visibly show the reversed card, explain how before you started, you knew which gift would be chosen and spread out the cards to show you was correct in knowing their choice.
Spread the cards and all will see that the invisible reversed card is now visible and not only that BUT on the back is a different color Father Christmas. How did you do that, they may ask and you happily oblige by reversing the 3 other Father Christmases' to reveal the answer.
This is a very easy trick to do and cannot fail.You will be doing this within a few minutes of having them in your hands.
Once you are finished you will be able to talk about how our father in Heaven sent His Son Jesus to be the Greatest Gift of all.