Make Your Choice

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


The new game show to make you richer than your wildest dreams.
The host for the show is none other than the infamous Mr, DeVil (DeVil, not devil).

Mr DeVil will select just one contestant to go for the prize of a lifetime and it could be you and if it is, then all you have to do is MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

Just some of the prizes on offer are POWER and POPULARITY.

Enough MONEY to buy the world 10 times over and still have change in your pocket.

Or ALL the FOOD you could ever want without having to worry about the thing you should or should not eat.

Just those prizes alone are enough to get you drooling and wanting to play, so what's stopping you?

What you get:
1 Folder with a little something to make the vanish work easier
5 Laminated cards.
1  cut out Mr DeVil to attach to your back.