Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



Three of four different color bags (Red, Yellow, Green & Blue). are selected by three audience members, leaving one bag unchosen.

Each bag contains a choice they may make in their life and a reward for making that choice. The one bag not chosen will end up being the ultimate choice.

The unchosen bag, contains the ultimate choice and the message inside reads: “You have chosen to Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior”. The reward for anyone making that choice is eternal life.

A person may make all three of the first choices and find many rewards in life, but unless you make that ultimate choice of accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, it will all be for nothing in the end. To choose Christ as one’s personal Savior is just that, the ultimate and personal choice that needs to be made by each individual. If you have not made that choice in your life, don’t delay another moment, make that ultimate choice now.