VBS Kit-Mid Version

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



Always aware of individuals and ministries budgets here is a mid-sized version of our VBS Kit. This collection is designed for those working at all age levels of Vacation Bible School.  Heavy emphasis is placed on Gospel oriented object lessons that will fit in any VBS theme. The need to make multiple presentations during the VBS week is taken into full account with this VBS Kit. The selection of books and effects will assist you in delivering evangelistic as well as many other Biblically based messages.

The VBS Kit-Mid Version Includes:


-12 Gospel Tricks with Pens and Paper Book     

-12 Gospel Tricks with Paper Sacks and Newspaper Book

-50 Magic Object Lessons Book            -12 Gospel Tricks with a Change Bag Book


-Cleansing Cross                                      -He Is Risen

-Mixed Up Life                                          -Bible Bubbles

-Dissolvo Paper                                        -Change Bag

-Rainbow Ropes                                       -Slush Powder                                            

-Vanishing Crayons                                  -Holy Bible Coloring Book

-Ultimate Choice                                       -Truth Detector Light Bulb

 -Unshackled                                              -Wordless Silks Set           

-Loaves & Fishes                                       -Soldiers Bible

-Nuggets of Truth Set of 4                        -Choices

-Eternal Life Policy                                    -My Church                                            

-Boomeranging Lies                                  -King of Hearts

-ABC Christian                                            -Choose One

-Good Kids/Bad Kids                                  -He Died For You

-Key To The Kingdom Jumbo Size             -Gospel Money Regular

-Invitation                                                     -Torn & Restored Heart

-Wonder Pad                                               -Power of Jesus

-Unequal Ropes                                          -Wordless Bag