Sunday School Kit-Full Version

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



These Items are specifically chosen for anyone who will be serving in a Sunday school or children's Church setting. There is a generous selection of books, effects, and routines in this collection. All designed to assist you in teaching timeless Biblical truths.

The Sunday School Kit-Full Version includes:


-12 Gospel Tricks with a Change Bag Book  

-12 Gospel Tricks with Alpha and Number Cards Book

-12 Gospel Tricks You Can Make Book       -50 Magic Object Lessons Book

-Good News Visualized Book                      -The Magic of the Gospel Book


-Cleansing Cross                                          -Bible Citizens

-Vanishing Crayons                                      -Number Deck

-Truth Detector Light Bulb                          -Alphabet Deck

-Holy Bible Coloring Book                           -Fruit of the Spirit 

-God's Chosen People                                -Great Men of the Bible

-Key to the Kingdom                                    -Soldiers Bible

-King of Hearts                                             -Gospel Money Regular

-Gospel Money Jumbo                                -Walk By Faith

-Invitation                                                      -Bible Paper Tear

-Torn & Restored Heart                                -10 Commandments Paper Tear

-Ultimate Paper Tear                                     -Wonder Pad

-Power of Jesus                                             -Change Bag

-Wordless Bag                                                -Wordless Silk Set